Half of the Indian population is blind due to cataracts, glaucoma or retinal diseases which increase with age. Moreover, almost all people above 60 years have eye issues. Considering the lifestyle of today’s generation, eye problems like dry eye, macular degeneration, strabismus, or amblyopia have become common eye problems. This creates a lucrative market for ophthalmic PCD companies in the country. There is an upsurge in ophthalmic medicines, especially eye drops and different ophthalmic formulations and manufacturing units. As a result, investments in the ophthalmic eye drop PCD franchise business have potential growth aspects.

The top ophthalmic PCD companies deliver high-quality medicines like Anti-biotic eye drops, Soft Gel Capsules, Anti-allergic eye drops, Lubricating eye drops and many more to add. Some of the reputed ophthalmic PCD companies are also engaged in manufacturing, exporting, trading, and service providing an extensive range of eye drop shipping services. Most ophthalmic PCD companies work for the welfare of humankind and serve several healthcare sectors skillfully.

As these companies are backed by excellent marketing and promotional support, they are known not only for a diverse range of ophthalmic medicines but also for a professional team of experts for the production of different eye medicines. These include ayurvedic products, ointments, soft gels, injections, antibiotic tablets, capsules, multivitamins etc. All these products also contain excellent packaging to avoid spoilage.

All the top ophthalmic PCD companies have been putting continuous efforts to upgrade their technical and business skills by employing professionals who aim at formulating high-quality ophthalmic formulations to produce the best eye medicines. The products manufactured by the top ophthalmic PCD pharma companies are under strict control of  WHO-GMP and ISO standards under the supervision of technical experts. These experts are highly qualified chemists, micro-biologists and pharmists who provide quality assurance in terms of eye medicine production.

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