Pharma franchise is one of the booming businesses all over India. It is said to be the best business option that people are not hesitating to take up. So, before going much ahead, let us see what is meant by the Pharma Franchise and the working of this booming business. 

Pharma Franchise is a permission letter or in much professional language, it is a legal authority or a legal grant that is given to a group of people or an individual by a pharmaceutical company that allows the whole party to sell the products of the company under their name by bearing any marketing cost. All the commercial activities, as well as other important activities, are taken care of by these people under their name to share profits. 

Pharma franchising is an everyday growing business as it has seen rapid growth in the current market of pharmacy and drugs. Many people or pharmacy store owners are taking up this business and the responsibility of selling the products of big pharmaceutical companies and distributing the profits equally or according to the agreement that both the parties agree with. 

In this article, you will know about the Pharma franchise and how it works, as well as the important aspects of the same.  

Important steps to remember to get a Pharma Franchise   

The procedure is not constant for every company. Mentioned here are a few very basic steps that can make it easier for you to get a pharma franchise. Please make sure that you confirm the steps from the company beforehand and plan accordingly on how to get the pharma franchise. 

  • Shortlist the companies and finalize one of the companies whose products you want to sell under your name. 
  • Call up and ask about the availability of the franchise. You can also email the company but if you wish to hear from the company soon, then calls are always preferable. 
  • If the company is ready to give you the franchise then sign an agreement letter and complete all the legal procedures and ask for all the other important documents. 
  • Once signed, start selling the products of the pharmaceutical company under your name. 

The steps that are mentioned above are some of the basic steps that you can refer to if you are new to this business. You need to first verify with the company about the procedure that they follow and then take a step forward for any further decision. 

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Important Documents needed for Pharma Franchise 

Two of the major documents you need to have to get a Pharma Franchise are: 

  • Drug license number 
  • GST registration number 

Know hoe pharma franchsing work  

The whole work and process of pharma franchising is very easy and can be understood if you know about the market in detail. 

The basic process is that a pharmaceutical company legally allows a pharmacy store or an individual to sell their products like medicines and medical accessories in their name. The legal grant consists of other legal documents that are needed to be agreed upon by both parties. 

That is it! This is the overall process of pharma franchising and this is how it works. There are other small technicalities that you will understand once you enter the business! 

Some important points to remember

Here are some important points that you have to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure you know each and everything about the pharmaceutical company that you have selected for taking up a pharma franchise before investing your time, money, and most importantly, your and your business’s reputation in it. This is because if you are given the legal authority of a pharmaceutical company, then you are the one who will be in charge of all the profits as well as the losses of the company. Therefore, look for companies that are trustworthy and do not cancel your contract in between. 
  • Make sure the products that are sent by the pharmaceutical company like the medicines and the medical accessories are in a good and proper condition because if the products are not in the selling situation, the customer will not go to the company but would come up with their complaints to you and it will put your reputation at stake. 


Pharma Franchising is a good and excelling business and can help you in earning a lot of money once you enter into it and learn about how this whole business works. Invest your time and money into this and if you have a piece of good knowledge about this booming and new business then you will earn a lot of profits under Pharma Franchising!

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