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There are several nutraceutical medicine manufacturers located in Chandigarh, India. Two of the top manufacturers in the area include United Labs and Phrama Franchise. Phrama Franchise is a well-known third-party nutraceutical Franchise near Chandigarh, offering manufacturing services for all kinds of Nutra product ranges, including tablets, capsules, soft gels, powders, injection medicines, and ointments. Noreva Biotech is considered as one of the top five nutraceutical medicine manufacturers in Chandigarh, offering nutraceutical medicine in bulk quantity at a competitive price. Additionally, Noreva Biotech is a growing PCD pharma company in India that also offers third-party nutraceutical medicine manufacturing.

One of the Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturers in India is Vatave Pharmacls. As one of the market leaders in India’s Contract Manufacturing of Nutraceutical Products, Vatave Pharmacls follows all the rules and regulations of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and also follows the steps of international standards as Vatave Pharma Cls are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company companies. If You are looking for Nutraceutical Medicine Franchise in India, then Please visit Phrama Franchise.

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